In Her Dreams


In her dreams she drives across

the desert in a fast car

at night


With the top down, no seatbelt, and no fear.


In her dreams the sky is dressed

in deepest black velvet

studded with glittering diamonds

and a sash of pale, creamy satin.


The road beneath her tires

stretches on and on,

empty and endless


Her destination: exhilaration and speed itself.


In her dreams she meets a man,

an old flame who used to

put her down


Who reduced her psychological stature

in slow but steady increments


He says, ‘I want you back.’


She says, ‘In your dreams’

then her foot hits the accelerator

as she races away.


3 Responses to “In Her Dreams”

  1. touching. i really like your style of storypoems

  2. nickpierce Says:





  3. Thank you guys for leaving feedback, I appreciate it!

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