Staying Away

There are some hearts for whom home
Is not a place
But a person

And when they have found it
At Last

It is not the parting that is most difficult

But the staying away

6 Responses to “Staying Away”

  1. yes. and no. but then again. yes.

  2. “It is not the parting that is most difficult but the staying away.”
    Definitely true.

  3. Good to see you Stacie, Thanks UF, could you make up your mind please? 🙂

  4. i wish, girl, i wish i could

  5. This is delicately succinct and quite true. I always like to say “It’s not over – Until I’m over you.” But the reality is, it’s never really over. Especially when you’re a writer, because we dwell on these things for inspiration. Thus I have always found that writing poetry, prose, even musically or expressing oneself in any art form is liken to emotional masochism. Unless of course we are to be indifferent of our own hearts, and that just doesn’t feel right.

  6. Nor is it really possible, is it, at least without deceit. Thanks, Charles, appreciate the feedback.

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