For Your Reading Pleasure…

A Collection of Perceptions… Poems, essays and short fiction from this blog and elsewhere — is now available in book form! Read and re-read your old favorites, and some new ones you’ve never seen before. To learn more, or to order your very own copy,  please go to Lulu. If shipping costs are an issue (or if for some insane reason, you’d like a signed copy!) just let me know and I’ll send one to you directly and eliminate that pesky salesman who jacks the cost up for so-called “handling”…


Also available by the author: 50 Ways to Please Your Lover, Tips for Men… is a compilation of advice for men about women, on subjects ranging from laundry to sex and everything in between. This funny and sexy little book will make a great gift for any man from any woman who loves him.  Who knows, it just might transform your love life… For more info, go here.


10 Responses to “For Your Reading Pleasure…”

  1. what about tips for women?

  2. That will be next of course!

  3. BlueRain Says:

    There are 50 ways? Wow, I’m looking forward to that. Some days I think if I had just 1 or 2 ways, that would help. Needless to say, I’m lost.

  4. Who knew, huh? 🙂

  5. dude,

    i love the title “collection of perceptions.” that’s brilliant. oh ya, i haven’t read anything =/ I will, though. I want to read a perception. *heh*

    hi dhyan. it seems i’m stalking everyone lately.

  6. oh by the way, congratulations on having the book out. truly a feat 🙂


  7. Thanks Anna! I’ll have a novel out shortly too…

  8. Glad you dig it, the book is full of perceptions (buy the book! shameless solicitation…) hope you find one(s) you like. Thanks for visiting…

  9. i’ll soon have a book as well!

  10. Congrats Sparrow!

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