In a square cracked mirror
Of a motel bathroom
Mere yards from the highway
And speeding 18 wheelers

Where whores and drug addicts
Pay by the hour
And homeless indigents hang by corners
Holding signs of ragged cardboard

Where desperation lives
Despair thrives
And jesus is something you say under your breath
Or the lack of a reason to wake up tomorrow

While god is alive in the static of airwaves
And billboards that stare you down
He died for your sins
They tell you

And you wonder what you got
For his effort

And how many sins will be


Where death the Great Equalizer of us all
Hovers in wait,
Ready to pounce
And your days are numbered

You just don’t know how high

Blood red lipstick
Streaked across silver
Scrawled in a shaky hand
Bleeding at an angle

Denouncing, declaring, decoding, defiant

The only thing that is yours alone,
The only thing that’s yours to keep
The one thing no one can take from you
Without your explicit or implied consent


19 Responses to “Dignity”

  1. floatingdream Says:

    I love this. I have a clear image of everything you mentioned in my head. Very powerful poem!


  2. Thanks for the praise, glad you like it.

  3. fantabulous smear.

  4. smear…that’s a good thing, right?? (grin)

  5. wow… superb. that is really one of the best i read from you.
    great imagery, flowing so nicely, disturbing and yet touching.
    beautiful pain you spread here..



  6. and i like you new look….

  7. Thanks, D.! Nothing like spreading a little ‘beautiful pain’ around…:)
    Yeah, we all need a new look now and again, don’t we (that’s exactly what I look like, btw…hehe)

  8. B, Every now and then I get ya, dont I? (grin)

  9. which one? the one up or that next to your name? (both gorgeous:-) )

    yes a remake is always good and fun. keeps one alive.

  10. I was referring to the image at the top of the screen (the skinny woman in black with long blonde hair).. and thank you.

  11. I like your style. you paint in words.

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  13. Glad you like it, Paul.

  14. Uncle Tree Says:

    Hello, 1writegirl!

    I was just checking out Dhyan’s favorites.
    You’re at the top of the list. I now see why.

    Oh boy! You’re a hankerin’ for a sermon.
    I’ll try to keep it short.

    Despair is sent to us when we are stuck in a rut. Death is sent to release us from all such ruts. Sin is whatever hinders us from reaching our goals. Obstacles are there that we may learn to overcome.

    But it looks to me like you are on your way.
    Dignity is ours to keep. You are right.
    There is only one royal family. We are it.

    Nice to meet you! I’m being straight up. UT

  15. I like the way this poem rolls along, it builds momentum really well. Enjoyed.

  16. Welcome back, UT, you and your sermons, sheesh! 🙂 Thanks for the reflection, no kidding…

  17. Welcome, Matt, and thank you for the feedback.

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