Terra Firma

Another road calls my name in a
lover’s honeyed whisper
Come to me, don’t hesitate
You know you want it, baby…

So seductive, so sweet with promises
Promises never kept

In the past I’ve embarked
Time and again
Going everywhere and nowhere
At once

It seems I am one of those who
Failed to grow roots
Deficient in lineage corpus

But this time, I resist its pull
I put up a hand
And plant my feet

This time I will not run

I will not be fooled by sparkles embedded
By dashed lines and smooth hard black
By the rhythmic hypnotic hum
Toward endless, empty nowheres

This time I’ll stand still
I will take a deep breath
In slow, honest motion

In this place
I will hold my own,

My own terra firma.

5 Responses to “Terra Firma”

  1. I understand this, and am there with you.


  2. Awesome. I love it.

  3. baybeevintage Says:


  4. An Imperfect Servant Says:

    I can relate to the powerful desire to just go, though I have not and feel as though I’m dieing where I’ve put down roots.

    A very beautiful piece that encouraged my stagnant mind to break the ice of thought.

    Thank you.

  5. Sounds like you’re in a tough place, IS…just so you know, running away gets old after awhile … and rarely holds the answers. Thanks again for stopping by.

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