A Rose Under the Snow

My hand reaches to that place at the base of my throat
Where it is used to resting
And touching
And finding comfort

In a silver symbol of possibility
Given to me by someone
I believe in

The necklace is gone –

An act of defiance
A demand for respect
An entreaty to let go of the fear —

Yet its silhouette lingers
In little bursts of light
And long, tender dreams

Against the odds
A rose under the snow

My hand falls back
And lands by my side

And open

2 Responses to “A Rose Under the Snow”

  1. Neil Reid Says:

    Scarce to say this one, and not the other or another other again. Maybe later perhaps. But here, this time I land – and for but one word and two more. Beautiful simplicity, and ending so even more, “Empty And open”. Some might say that to be as pure and “ready” for the next moment to be as is possible. Thank you, yes.

  2. Neil, welcome and thank you kindly for your words of praise.

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