She tells me there is a sea
Of the deepest, blazing azul
Where kisses speak corazón

And the Spanish is never broken

Where there’s never a thought about money
And the food falls from the trees
Where there is no tobacco
Or booze, or drugs

Nothing to alter the mind
But that which is born from within

Where you sleep in the warmth of the sand
Beneath stars that grant every wish
Cradled in a veil of moonlight
And a lover’s tender embrace

5 Responses to “Paraíso”

  1. Sail there… sail away.

  2. no tobacco?
    no drugs?
    you sure???

  3. Noah, I would if I could… Dhyan, would that be so terrible, my friend? Your only addictions would be reciprocated…

  4. poeticgrin Says:

    I want to go there!

  5. You and me both, my friend.

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