Haiku #26: Buzz

Whispering, groping,
Yearning, thrusting, encircling
Clasping, panting, hot…

Rocking, climbing high
Fall, sigh, surrender to me!
Oh the bliss of it…

For the love of God!
Would someone please hand me the
BLOODY flyswatter?

5 Responses to “Haiku #26: Buzz”

  1. I like reading about a good smacking. I love the whooshing sound it makes, and then the crack! at the end. I always get a buzz out of that too….

  2. lol Extremely funny.

  3. Ah yes, Noah, nothing like a good smack/crack now and again…:) Paul, glad you liked it!

  4. Very cheeky, as the Bri’ish say. I like good humor in haiku.

  5. And who doesn’t love those cheeky Brits, anyway?? 🙂

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