Meet me

Meet me

In the hayloft of the old
abandoned barn…

On the corner of
5th and Elm…

Behind the shed
Down the alley
At the water’s edge

Under the railroad tracks
Over the bridge
Beyond the forest

Up the avocado tree
Past the highway
Across the meadow wide

After the sun sets
Before the moon rises
As the tide comes in

In front of ghosts, shadows
Memories and demons

Outside of the box…

Meet me

8 Responses to “Meet me”

  1. Make it the orange tree..You done ate all my avocados!!

  2. Ha! They were beggin to be eaten, I tell ya, just beggin!!

  3. poeticgrin Says:

    Feel like I’ve been on a trip around the world with this one. It’s a poem like this that reminds me of the power of verse and of the written word.

    Love the transition from the barn to the city. Love the idea of the entire poem – I’m jealous!

  4. Thanks, Bryan! Now that I think of it, it IS rather a poem a la poetic grin, isn’t it?? 🙂

  5. You write so expressively about desire. In this and many of your poems.

  6. Thanks, Pamela.

  7. Very fun piece. Enjoyed the many images, especially “up the avocado tree”.

  8. So easily you change your passioned clothes, step by step, limb by limb. Somewhere I hear a voice, following. You do have a real gift for this, and just as sweet, playful too! Thanks.

    So glad I’ve come back to catch up again.

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