For Mikey and Smokey

They are

This woman and man

He touches her hair
As if it’s woven of
Black gold

She looks into his eyes
Like they hold
All the answers

His hand reaches out and grazes
Her arm
While walking or sitting
Or standing in line

And she falls asleep each night
On his chest
When he pulls her on top of him

Get closer

I know for a fact that
They argue at times
Each understands the other is

Yet he sees an angel
A goddess in her
And she sees a hero
A man worth devotion

In a godless world devoid of substance
Inclined toward
Frenetic accumulation
Of that which will

Tear you down

They have set aside

Of greener grass
Of biding time and
Playing fields

Choosing instead
To see that angel
To adore that hero

And embrace in its limelight
The strength from being


10 Responses to “Inseparable”

  1. Hola Hoolie,

    La poecia es muy bonita
    llena mi corazon



    (Translated by Bindo)

  2. Mi amiga Smokey,
    Soy feliz que te lo gusta. Mi amigo Bindo, gracias por la traducción.

  3. Yes, yes, that is precisely the choice we have to make.

    While walking or sitting
    or standing in line

    I remember a young couple once, waiting their turn in the bank, as slowly we all moved, step by step. And her hand or body, never for more than a breath or two, was away from him. Not a clutching thing, sometimes ever so slight, but her hand always found its way back to him. Neither so blatant nor obviously sexual, but like a companion keeping a silent conversation intact! Beautiful to witness. And as a willing respondent, I can only suppose.

    Thanks for the thread.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Bearly Audible, and sharing your observations.

  5. beautiful description of what we all long for and a great model to emulate. you were strumming at my heartstrings. lovely piece!

  6. Thanks Vic, an easy poem to write with material at hand…

  7. Me gusta el queso.

    I actually gasped at this because it’s simply beautiful:

    And she falls asleep each night
    On his chest
    When he pulls her on top of him

    Get closer

  8. I’m so glad you liked it; however, I’m trying to figure out if you are really referring to cheese here…

  9. In your exchange in the comments section, I understood references to “me gusta,” which I remembered from high school. So I just paired it with the only other reference in Spanish I know, which is cheese. I was being silly, see?

    But truly, the rest of my comments were sincere. 🙂

  10. Ah, ML, you always keep me guessing… thanks for the clarification. PS. I never doubt your sincerity!

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