I Will

I will

Tell you if you have green stuff stuck in your teeth

Never ask you to live in a house
With a white picket fence

Respect your need for solitude

Dance for you…

I will

Be flexible

Speak from brain to mouth
Without filtration

Massage your tired body

Not pretend
Neither shape
Nor expect…

I will

Always love Mamita
Even when she’s old and sick

Care what you think

Cover you

Trust you…

I will

Help you when I can

Remain your biggest fan

Look you in the eye

Hold what you can give and
Give what you can hold…

I will

Always be on your side

5 Responses to “I Will”

  1. Suppose from a ceremonial eye, would nicely do as a mutual vow, like a marriage you know, that sort of acknowledgment shared by two. However why stop counting at merely two? And where does intimacy begin or end, a mate, companion, friend?

    Some I know are just this way, everyday, everyone. My good fortune certainly. Nice too, of you to say.

  2. A lovely piece of verse. Says so much, so simply; lovely.

  3. Many thanks Paul, I’m glad you like it. I appreciate you stopping by!

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