The Day After

The day after 9/11
A band played in the park
Across the street from
Where I live

A combination of
Songs patriotic
And hymns declaring
His marching truth

The band leader spoke
Between numbers
About the glory of war
Asking those to stand
Who had served

In the Name

Of god and country
Citing count of destruction
Death toll war by war

As if this were something
To be proud of

And the sheep rose
And clapped their hands
The best among them
Wearing red white and blue
And Uncle Sam top hats
Waving American flags

I walked away
A bad sheep
A black sheep

Maybe a wolf in sheep’s clothing

My stomach churning
And headed to my car
And the reptile show
At the other end of town

Preferring the company
Of alligators
And tortoises
Evolved by comparison

Further disgusted to note
As I stepped away from
The crowd

That all the good parking spaces
Were gone

3 Responses to “The Day After”

  1. a brave poem. it is hard to walk against the marching crowd

  2. Thanks Ray, if disgruntled mumbling under your breath and writing about it afterwards counts as walking against the marching crowd…

  3. This sums up my feelings about using God and patriotism as an excuse for ego-centrism at the destruction of other human beings.

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