A Lovely Award, By Any Name…

One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

I’m both pleased and honored that my friend Bindo has seen fit to name me as deserving of the “One Lovely Blog Award.” I don’t know how many and what types of awards are out there for bloggers, but I can’t think of a better award title. Well, maybe “One Bitchin’ Blog Award.” Or, “One Blogger Certain to be Rich and Famous Any Day Now Award.” Okay, what the hell, how about “One Blog That Leaves Everyone Else in the Dust Award?” But seriously, it now hangs prominently on my cyber wall where I’ll spit-shine it on a regular basis (figuratively speaking, of course.) The rules of the award stipulate I pass it on to seven people, so I’m happy to introduce you to the following talented writers:

BreatheNoah:  Noah of Oz writes almost exclusively poetry, much of it cryptic and esoteric, all of it dazzling. Once you start reading him, you might not be able to stop.

Pamela Villars:  Pamela posts poetry, prose, as well as frequently useful tidbits and facts for the benefit of her readers. Check her out.

SocrateSoul:  This Greek goddess has an eclectic style, writing with sincerity and beauty in her quest for answers to anything and everything. I just wish she’d write more often.

Woman In Black: Stacia is one of the most comicly talented women I’ve ever met. Whether she’s writing about her kids, politics in England, current affairs, her job, whatever, you can’t escape her literary clutch without laughing. As a bonus, she uses lots of fun dirty words.

Enna:  Enna writes with a style so refreshingly candid and from the hip that it’s hard not to become enamored of her. Nothing, I repeat nothing, is off-limits to Enna.

The Tenth Muse:  Siubhan posts photos and profoundly haunting poetry that stay with you long after you’ve left her site. She writes rarely, never enough to satisfy a hungry soul, and I strongly suspect this isn’t her first award…

An Imperfect Servant:  Brandon is on a spiritual journey, which he shares with his readers by way of honest and straightforward poetry that often gives you pause, and allows you to second guess that which you thought you knew.

My thanks again to Bindo, an outstanding poet and fiction writer. Not only do I admire his work tremendously, but his writings have both inspired and influenced my own.

8 Responses to “A Lovely Award, By Any Name…”

  1. Holy cow! Thank you!

  2. Holy cow! You’re welcome…:)

  3. thanks and congrats!

  4. You’re welcome, and thank you!

  5. too kind {but thankyou}

  6. I’m flattered – thank you so much.

  7. Pam, you’re very welcome!

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