Blue-collar Rorschach?

If they were making
A movie
He asked me

In a recent
Job interview

Who would you want
To play you?

If you could be any
Any make and model

What kind of car
Would you be?

I paused for a moment
And stared at him
What the fuck?

Then smiling
My most diplomatic
I said
Please tell me

If I say I want
Demi to play me
Or Charlize Theron
Or Drew Barrymore

Are you more likely
To hire me than
If I say
Maggie Smith
Or Kathy Bates?

If I say I’d like to
Be a Jag
Is that better
Than a
Volkswagen Bus?

Is a Lamborghini
Somehow more apt
Than a fifties
Pick-up truck?

I’ll admit
Your psychological
Profile questions
Throw me into
A tizzy

Cause I SO want this job

I’ve always dreamed

Of cashiering at
A mini-mart

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