Baring Down

I seem to want
Less and less
Each day

Fewer possessions
To tie me down
Fewer thoughts
Of what if

Fewer hopes
Fewer dreams
Tired truisms

Less guidance

I want to meet
My fears
Expose them
To the light
Relieve them
Of their power

I want
Good coffee
Sweet to eat
I want
A warm bed
A good book

A worthy conversation
With someone
I respect

I want
To pay the bills

I want to write raw
Down to the bone
From the soul
The truth
No matter what
Without caring to
Please anyone

I want to shadow dance
In his kitchen
With a snake
On my arm
In an amber light

Wearing only a hat

7 Responses to “Baring Down”

  1. LOL…Yeah..You can leave your hat on

  2. *grin*… And close that damn window, wouldya?

  3. Sketches of a man Says:

    Might I take but a moment of your time and tell you how fascinating and charming are your words.

    Kindest Wishes

  4. An Imperfect Servant Says:

    Truly Beautiful Scarlett.
    I know write where this comes from.
    It resonates so deep with me.

  5. Cool, resonating is good…!

  6. A soulful lament!

  7. Not a lament really, more an awareness… thanks ML.

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