A Writer’s Lament

I only want to write
And get paid for my words

My words all strung together
In unique, inimitable style

With their own quirky bent
And their peculiar rush to mind

Of memories old
Possibilities new
And another distinct life

Apart from what you know
Separate from your beliefs
Foreign to your system
Alien to your code

Yet resonant

And just


Yass, I want to get paid
For this life inside of me
For this life that is what I have to give
For what I do best
For what I know
For what I understand

For the chance to make you

Then when all is said and done

Pass it on

5 Responses to “A Writer’s Lament”

  1. poettraveler Says:

    I understand what you are saying in your delightful poem.

    Most of what you describe (except for the combination of your opening lines) I have written about (and still do) 🙂
    I write about almost everything and through my poetry express my sentiments and observations.

    Your verse deserves to be read. It gives much pleasure and your writing talent is evident. I hope you achieve what is expressed in your opening lines…. :

    “I only want to write
    And get paid for my words”

    Best wishes,

  2. poettraveler Says:

    ps: I’ve also added you to my blogroll and will follow your progress.

  3. Welcome, poettraveler, and my sincere thanks for your praise. I’ll check you out as well.

  4. I really like this poem. Your work I’ve read here is so honest. That is so necessary. Another poet I keep up with, Thomas Lynch, holds workshops and explained that being published, or writers wanting to be published/ paid, is completely justifiable and really part of the writer’s process and writing life. Thanks for sharing. Best, Darren

  5. Welcome Darren, thanks for visiting and contributing. I appreciate the feedback.

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