Dogs with Mohawks

My love and I
With nothing better to do
One rainy winter day
Took a look at my shaggy canine
And decided he needed a trim

We started slow
With a pair of shears
Behind the ears
Under the chin

And as we trimmed
We talked as always
About whatever came to mind

And the conversation turned
To the subject of what we’d imagined,
In the glory of dewy youth,
Our lives would look like today

I thought I’d be married, I said
As I swiped at Mugsy’s tail
Be grateful you didn’t go there
He grimaced
Believe me, it’s misery ad infinitum
Compounded by devastation

I should be teaching poetry,
He mused
At some prestigious, west coast college
Off came the left side of Mugsy’s beard

With co-eds hanging on my every word
Gone was his moustache too

I expected to be a famous writer
I exclaimed with an air of whimsy
As the clippers zoomed over Mugsy’s back
And flew up under his stomach
With at least one bestseller, I added
He nodded, I know, huh? he said
Then shaking his head in a daze of wonder
Started in with the scissors in earnest

I’d have a mansion by the sea
He explained with a faraway look
With servants to do my bidding
And an agent, an editor,
Stupendous advances

Fur was flying in all directions
Frenetic buzzing filled the air

And so it went for quite some time
With every word, another cut
For every lost dream
Another lock shorn
Until at last we were out of shouldve’s
And before us quaking in forlorn regret
Stood the product of our mutual despair

There was nothing left of him to speak of
He was half the size he’d started
And the only hair remaining
Was a strip from head to toe
A Mohawk of black and white
From his forehead straight up and spiking
Down his back to the tip of his tail

We put down the scissors, dropped the shears
And swept up the pile of fur
Thinking perhaps we’d made a mistake
Gotten too carried away
Until Mugsy stood up and shook himself
Then pranced up and down the room

Showing off his brand new do

Unencumbered, with nothing to block his view
Of cats and cars, food and chew-toys
And laps to settle into

I think he likes it, I gasped in amazement
He seems to feel freer, he agreed
Go figure, we said in unison
Then sighed and settled back down
To the one thing we both can’t not do for long

The process of writing our hearts out
To the tune of the pouring rain

I dig my new Do!

14 Responses to “Dogs with Mohawks”

  1. beautiful one.. thanks for sharing !!

  2. Oh, he’s such an artful doggie!!

  3. Thank you Sachin, I’m glad you liked it.

  4. with a dickensian twist?

  5. Awesome! I love the freshness of a good head clippering too!

  6. I like this work – the parallel losses and freedoms, illustrated by the grooming is nicely done.

  7. I love the picture, to boot!

  8. Noah, don’t we all?!

  9. Glad you dig it Vic!

  10. Thanks, Pamela.

  11. PoetTraveler Says:

    I love it!
    I can’t pick out a “favorite line” because all the verses are excellent…. but the following held my eyes before I was magnetically moved on. 🙂

    “I expected to be a famous writer
I exclaimed with an air of whimsy”

    “The process of writing our hearts out
To the tune of the pouring rain ”

    I love your style. You write beautifully and with a ‘natural flow’ and what you write about is meaningful. You are truly a gifted WRITER 🙂

    Best wishes,

  12. Oh, poettraveler, you warm my heart…you don’t by any chance work for Random House, do you?!

  13. PoetTraveler Says:

    You deserve all the praise heaped upon you. I’m glad mine warms your heart, 1writegirl.
    I wish I did work for Random House. I would then immediately publish your remarkable work .
    Keep it up please! I’ll keep reading 🙂

  14. My sincere thanks!

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