Haiku# 30: My dog, the teenager

At first, a Mohawk
Then clothes, showers, chewing gum
Now, the dog wants bling.

11 Responses to “Haiku# 30: My dog, the teenager”

  1. a lovely haiku , well done

  2. Thank you, Wordwand.

  3. Oh, yea.

    street dog, wild and young
    pours his doubts into spinning
    brushy tail now bare

  4. Right on Pamela! Thanks!

  5. Mugsy is a fool
    Praying on your sympathy
    Give the dog a bone

  6. B., how dare you upstage me?!? And how come I didn’t think of that (the bone, that is…;)?

  7. I Dig your Haiku!



  8. Thanks Lance, glad you dig it!

  9. Bryan Borland Says:

    I love it. I’ve got a house full of teenagers myself, plus a demanding diva.

  10. Oy! You’re a brave man, I can barely handle one…

  11. Very very humourous! 😉

    Alan, With Words

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