The Seven Deadly Sins

I am guilty
I confess

Of occasional

And frequent

Now and then
Envy colors my view

And Pride shows its face
From time to time

Rarely do I experience

And Greed
For the most part
Feels like too much work

But Sloth is right up there
On my daily to-do list

And I can’t help but wonder
With all this sinning
I’m doing

How I manage to
Stay alive

At all

10 Responses to “The Seven Deadly Sins”

  1. Great poem !!! You have really done a great job with this – I love it!

  2. great read writing girl..
    a good sin can make your day. week. month. perhaps
    a life time
    don’t waste it.

  3. Thanks, Rambling.

  4. You said it, D!

  5. Ya know, this sloth thing isn’t working for me. Lets go buy a vacuum so YOU can get busy!

  6. I prefer my broom (see previous post…) Mwahahahah!!!

  7. Bryan Borland Says:

    “But Sloth is right up there
    On my daily to-do list”

    HAHAHAHAHA! For real, sista-friend.

  8. Hey, good to see you again Bryan, I’ve missed you.

  9. I liked this… I’m glad you’re managing to stay alive and tell the tale… 😉

  10. Thanks Samantha, I like what you’ve been writing lately as well…:)

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