Old Favorites

Over the next few weeks, along with anything new I might be writing, I’ll be posting a series of “Old Favorites” — pieces of prose and poetry originally posted here which I removed when I published my book A Collection of Perceptions. For those of you who have been stopping by since the inception of this blog, they will look familiar to you. New or old, I hope as always they might touch you in places neglected and remote.

8 Responses to “Old Favorites”

  1. Hey, this blurb looks familiar! Have you said this before? Are you repeating yourself for prosperity?

    Speaking of prosperity…well, that’s all I can do. Those of us that are independently poor can only speak of such things..

    Oh here I go again, writing about things I have no clue about. I hate when that happens. Oh well, carry on..

  2. If I repeat myself for prosperity (rather than for posterity,) does that mean I will receive remuneration for each act of repetition? Does that mean I will receive remuneration for each act of repetition? 🙂

  3. Don’t push it lady, I was just giving alms to the poor.

    Oh wait, I am the poor. Are you sure you want to stay on this road with me? (grin)

  4. If only I could trust that you aren’t with me for my money… oh wait, I have no money!

  5. You don’t? Damn, I have to have a talk with my financial adviser, oh wait, that’s you….Damn, so should we sneak into another free breakfast buffet?

  6. Ah, the simplicity of poverty, don’t you agree? If you can find one, I will accompany you…

  7. You are priceless.
    I need to find that copy of your book and reread it again at work.
    I really like going through your stories.
    They are really refreshing and real.

  8. Thanks both of you for the feedback!

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