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If you are familiar with this blog (long neglected now; I apologize to anyone who misses my regular posts), you already know that my first novel was published a couple of years ago by Gypsy Shadow publishing. It seems they are having some difficulties with vendors (like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc) accurately reporting sales to them. I need to find out, if possible, how many copies of my book have been sold since first publication to compare to their figures.
If you purchased Fortunes Told, would you please take a moment to let me know, and if possible, tell me from which website (Amazon, etc), and approximately when (month, year)? I appreciate it!
If you haven’t, but are interested in doing so, it’s not too late!*:) happy Fortunes Told will continue to be on sale through the rest of this year. Please go through the publisher directly, that way the accuracy of the sale will be assured. Their address is: http://www.gypsyshadow. com/JulieStahl.html#top
Once there, click on the small red button below the synopsis that says “Add to Cart” (in very small print). It is only available as an ebook at this time.
Warm wishes,

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