Mental Meandering in Seville, on Seville

Plaza de Espagne:
A magnificent square. If in Seville, must see. Built into the walls are tiles representing each region of Spain, portraying scenes of battle, peasant life, the clergy and monarchy. Some tiles represent wars with Moors.

One tile at Avila shows a female soldier.

Alicante tile has elephants and dark skinned half naked women bearing water pitchers on their heads (slaves?) And animal heads on stakes (horse, ox).

Overhead are white (marble?) busts of famous men and two women identified as Isabel la Catolica, and Santa Teresa.Bust of Cristobal Colon (aka Christopher Columbus) over Barcelona tile, which displays a man (presumably Colon) bowing down to Queen with natives in tow bearing gifts.

Horse drawn carriages everywhere you look.

Some people riding those ridiculous segues. Why are they all fit looking young men? Odd…

Homeless people sleeping and begging in the streets, like everywhere else. Meet their gaze, say hello. It’s but a step away for most of us, we just don’t realize it.

Stupid people taking selfies everywhere, too. Those sticks…

Cathedral de Seville, with gargoyles, including at least one I could see with breasts (and big ones!)

Tapas: 2 plates and beer for €7.

Parque Maria Luisa (an actress and singer from Seville and I can only guess donated this park or money for it to the city.) Lots of white pigeons here (doves?) Giant magnolia. Ponds/canals with stone borders and wooden bridges. Swans, geese and ducks in water, fountains here and there, quite lovely scenery. Statues representing three phases of Love: working up to it; smack dab in the middle of it; used up and spat out by it. ABC33D7D-51F2-43AF-92C4-443110B44769.jpeg

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