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In sotte voce

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Artist by nature Soul intemperate Inclined to drift conceive and flight of fancy Voice of darkness crescendo dwellings deep Too ugly or lovely too high low bright piercing unbearable unspeakable inappropriate

Inseparable from truest self

Denied Driven Pummeled to conform Guided by the guided masses To square rooms milk toast tidy hedgerows And acts of submission Clocking in clocking out marriage to a woman without the merest hint of a soul Yet clothed always in the finest Ever prepared eternally equipped with just the Right thing to say in any given circumstance Any man’s asset Hair coiffed in place Long lacquered spikes painted in muted pastels That reflect In the fading autumn light Lukewarm living settling up and settling down Five o’clock cocktail hour with the Joneses Garage with house attached Labels on children’s clothes (One boy, one girl) Track meets PTA dentist appointments and college funds Scrimping, saving, spending


In sotto voce

Gauguin’s Maiden

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Last night I awoke to find myself in a painting by Gauguin
a Polynesian maiden with a flower in my hair
dark skinned dark haired only just clad
amid lush vibrant colors

Comfortable in my world
on his canvas

As he painted he drank and reminisced
of early youth in Lima, Peru
where fatherless and poor
he became obsessed with creating
and creation

Our champion in Primitivism
he shunned the European life of artifice and shallow convention
void of inspiration

Where do we come from?
What are we?
Where are we going?

He asked

His answers delivered
through the stroke of a brush
the lashing of color
the consumption of demon whiskey in the birthing
of modern art

transported us all

He left us too soon at 54
afflicted with syphilis
on his way to prison sentenced
for challenging the Catholic church on our behalf
so that we might have the freedom
to ask and answer
these questions for ourselves