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The Seven Deadly Sins

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I am guilty
I confess

Of occasional

And frequent

Now and then
Envy colors my view

And Pride shows its face
From time to time

Rarely do I experience

And Greed
For the most part
Feels like too much work

But Sloth is right up there
On my daily to-do list

And I can’t help but wonder
With all this sinning
I’m doing

How I manage to
Stay alive

At all

80 Degrees of Azure

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She has
A woman could

Antiques in the
A Rolls in the

Successful husband
Two healthy children

Vacations every season
On a private tropical isle

She fights for
Every cause
Donates to
Every charity
Every rally

She chairs the

And yet every morning
When he leaves
For the office

She lies in bed and
Stares at the ceiling
Wondering what
Went wrong

When she derailed

Why she didn’t
See it coming

How the chasm
Grows ever
More hollow
Ever deeper
By the day

Then she dresses
In her casual
Slips on her
Dolce Gabbana’s
Grabs her
Gucci handbag

Slips off
Her wedding ring

And goes to the bars
At the far end of town

Where it’s
Always Bombay Sapphire
Never the same
Man twice

Where no matter
How much she drinks
How long she
Looks in the glass

How long she
Lies in his arms

She never finds
What she’s looking for
One day she knows

She never will

That morning
She doesn’t stare
At the ceiling
She doesn’t
Wonder anymore
She merely
Steps into
The pool

80 degrees of azure

And doesn’t
Step out



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Two bodies



Side by side



Engaged in the


Without words

While that voice
Deep inside
Gives permission

Let go
Lose control
You’re safe here

So that at last
Burst after burst

Little deaths
Followed by


Fainting Memories

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El Toro Memorial Park
Bears no resemblance whatsoever
To a bull

Even in aeriel view

It isn’t a park
Though it has lots of grass
You can’t
Walk your dog
Or even throw a Frisbee

Nor does it provide any memories
Merely remains
Which you can visit from
Time to time
If you choose

Bring your own memories

I went there to say goodbye
To my friend
Though I’d said it already
Since August first
Again and yet again

This time in the presence
Of others
In a court with
God presiding

I whispered and laid a rose
Into the vault of her ashes
Blinking hard to keep the tears
Behind my Jackie-O shades

Wobbling on my heels
Sure I would topple over
Faint from summer heat
Empty stomach, aching heart
And the ritual rhetoric
Entrenched in these affairs

And if I did, I told myself
I’d just lay there
Beside my friend
Flat on my back
No need to get up
No reason to rush away

Let everyone else
Trickle off
And leave us together

One final
Moment between us

But I didn’t faint
Nor say goodbye
It seemed a
Superfluous gesture

For she’s been to see me
More than once
Since she quietly slipped away
And I know she’ll visit again

Roaming the skies of my slumber

Feeding fainting memories
Of a life too soon withdrawn

To tell me
One more story
To ask me for a joke

To give me her leftover hope
Of no use to her

To say
Now chin, chin,
Then grin

Letting me know
It’s okay


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Psyche swoops
Low to the ground
Cloaked in anonymity
In the pitch black of night

Quiet, barely breathing
In the balance

Nothing to give
Nothing to take

Passing through dark alleys
And stench-ridden stairwells
Littered with days-old detritus
And the glow of eyes

Half alive

Half tethered to
Another world

Where laughter, mad and demonic
Is the only kind you hear

Searching for hope
Escape from chains
And finding nothing
But past-due depravity

The most insidious kind

And rock bottom sadness
Lurking below
Borne of the notion
Pervasive potential

That every step means
Nothing more
Than passage into the


For Sylvia

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I knew him first
Her by extension
It started with an email
A book for her to read

I cared about her
Because she was part of him

Then I was alone again
And she wrote to me
Telling me jokes
Funny stories about her life

Her loves
Her losses
Her escapades
Her finds

And in spite of our differences
In temperament
Life experience
Ways of thinking

I found myself enamored
Of her strength
And constancy

And suddenly she was
My friend

In her own right
For her own sake

For my own sake

When she died that night
The winds ceased to blow
The moon made a hasty retreat
The stars all hung their heads

Mourning in unison on our behalf
The injustice of fate absent

A conscience

Time stopped as I
Looked across the bed
And met the eyes of the


Closest in the
World to her

And felt her pass between us
Back and forth
Warm and soft
In death as in life

Farewell kisses and
Hushes, don’t you worry

Hovering like a bird
On the edge
Of another world

Then my heart stopped beating
For the time it takes to say
As I held her hand in mine
And felt immensely grateful
I’d been given the privilege

Of being there

To Sylvia’s flight

No Shame

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In the fierce
And unforgiving
Heat of the inferno

Standing on the
Of blackness

Cornered by reality
Gaping holes of


Savior or saint
Matters not
All are sucked inside

One moment maybe two
Of breath
Of brief escape

Beckoning reprieve on a
Thin ledge of comfort

Dream in the eye of the nightmare
Life in the heart of death

Refuge from the madness
In this there is

No shame

The Pardon

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I ride within ruffled white wings of a dove
Over barren black plains
Into burnt copper canyons
And down through a river of fire

Where dreams turn to ashes
In scarletted bursts
And only the brave
Or the lucky

Or those who are chosen

Plummeting down into depths unforeseen
Beyond I imagine and
Blazing suffocation
Overcome, trial by, and into what if

Where separation of soul is

And all that is left to forsake

She gives me safe harbor
This creature of kindness
As if I’d been pardoned, granted extension
Secret Service of the gods
As if I deserved her protection

And on the ascent
At the moment of surface
When thieving inferno retreats in defeat
And breath is once again prone

I look down to see the remains of perfection
Now scorched at the fringes
Charred to the tips
Yet blissfully, painfully pure in the center
Spared in the form where I lay

And I know she has saved me
Though barely and vainly
From certain death and karmic enslavement
Delaying for now what must be in the end
Postponing the merciless inevitable

As if I’d been pardoned, granted extension
As if I deserved her protection


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In a square cracked mirror
Of a motel bathroom
Mere yards from the highway
And speeding 18 wheelers

Where whores and drug addicts
Pay by the hour
And homeless indigents hang by corners
Holding signs of ragged cardboard

Where desperation lives
Despair thrives
And jesus is something you say under your breath
Or the lack of a reason to wake up tomorrow

While god is alive in the static of airwaves
And billboards that stare you down
He died for your sins
They tell you

And you wonder what you got
For his effort

And how many sins will be


Where death the Great Equalizer of us all
Hovers in wait,
Ready to pounce
And your days are numbered

You just don’t know how high

Blood red lipstick
Streaked across silver
Scrawled in a shaky hand
Bleeding at an angle

Denouncing, declaring, decoding, defiant

The only thing that is yours alone,
The only thing that’s yours to keep
The one thing no one can take from you
Without your explicit or implied consent