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Where does
Redemption lie
If not
Within the heart

In the realm of
Second chances
Dawn to dusk then

Last chances

Faith in faith renewed

We’re given only
So much time
So many possibilities

Before what came before
Becomes that which
Overrides all hope
Of touching anything


Transcendence has
Its limits
Equal to the
Human heart

Finite in dimension
Despite immense intent

By the darkness
Within the scope
Shot down
By the power

Of ticking


Kosovo Bride

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , on November 25, 2008 by 1writegirl

Speak to me of darkness
I have been blindfolded and brutalized.

Terror cannot conceive of light.

Paint for me pictures in blood
I have seen families butchered.

Horror does not believe in justice.

Sing to me ballads of sorrow
I have buried my baby.

Tragedy cannot fathom rebirth.

Rant to me of unfairness
I have courted death.

Despair does not believe in life.


Speak to me of dreams
I will throw wide the windows.

Dawn follows night.

Paint me a portrait of laughter
A child resides in me yet.

Defiance will not concede.

Sing me a song about freedom
I have a red dress to wear.

Hope cannot be restrained.

Whisper my name and kiss me
I will be yours, tonight.

Love is Fate rebuked.