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Kosovo Bride

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , on November 25, 2008 by 1writegirl

Speak to me of darkness
I have been blindfolded and brutalized.

Terror cannot conceive of light.

Paint for me pictures in blood
I have seen families butchered.

Horror does not believe in justice.

Sing to me ballads of sorrow
I have buried my baby.

Tragedy cannot fathom rebirth.

Rant to me of unfairness
I have courted death.

Despair does not believe in life.


Speak to me of dreams
I will throw wide the windows.

Dawn follows night.

Paint me a portrait of laughter
A child resides in me yet.

Defiance will not concede.

Sing me a song about freedom
I have a red dress to wear.

Hope cannot be restrained.

Whisper my name and kiss me
I will be yours, tonight.

Love is Fate rebuked.