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One Winter’s Night

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One of these nights
When words are
Too heavy
When the darkness is
Too cold

Lay me down
Beside you
Flesh against flesh
Warm and tender
Under llamas wool

Let our dreams
Come and go
Like fingertips

Grazing temples
And souls

In the midst of breath
Between us


For the duration of
One winter’s night

One blue moon
One light in the shadows

From spellbound dusk
Till breaking dawn

Find reprieve
With me
In the silence

Of night

In the act
Of silent


Haiku #29: No Where

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It’s an illusion
Sink to the bottom with me
We’ll play in the mud


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For hours
Along the way

Old memories
Old pains
Old lies

Like diamonds
Once valued

In the context
Of today

Left behind
On the ground

Faded sentiment
Useless trappings

Withered leaves
To scatter
In the wind

Leaving room

Leaving room

The opening
The changing

Of a soul

With a Whisper

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And I said, Sister, don’t you understand?
He’s all I ever wanted in a man
I’m tired of sitting round the tv every night
Hoping of finding a Mr. Right

— Margo Timmons, Misguided Angel

There is no Mr. Right
No Ms. Perfect

But someone
Who engages
Our soul

With a whisper
Only we
Can hear


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Curl up in my wings
For as long
As you need

I’ll cover you

I’ll make not a sound
I’ll guard against trespass
Surround you with downy embrace

I’ll block out the light
Tend to your wounds

With my body I’ll take on
The driving wind
With my soul the demons

I’ll fight for your reprieve

In the shadows of possibility
I’ll sway to the beat of your heart
Bearing only the weight of
A silver snake

Bartered for the price of
An unfettered moment
Guileless, ghostless and free

And when the inevitable happens
When fate takes me aside
Ordaining without preamble
My turn to come undone

When my fears slide greedily
Over the transom
In wraiths of
Perpetual motion

When I’m battered
Bruised, too weary
And you
Are the only place
Safe left for me

Curl me up in your wings
For as long
As I need

Curl me up and

Cover me

The Pardon

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I ride within ruffled white wings of a dove
Over barren black plains
Into burnt copper canyons
And down through a river of fire

Where dreams turn to ashes
In scarletted bursts
And only the brave
Or the lucky

Or those who are chosen

Plummeting down into depths unforeseen
Beyond I imagine and
Blazing suffocation
Overcome, trial by, and into what if

Where separation of soul is

And all that is left to forsake

She gives me safe harbor
This creature of kindness
As if I’d been pardoned, granted extension
Secret Service of the gods
As if I deserved her protection

And on the ascent
At the moment of surface
When thieving inferno retreats in defeat
And breath is once again prone

I look down to see the remains of perfection
Now scorched at the fringes
Charred to the tips
Yet blissfully, painfully pure in the center
Spared in the form where I lay

And I know she has saved me
Though barely and vainly
From certain death and karmic enslavement
Delaying for now what must be in the end
Postponing the merciless inevitable

As if I’d been pardoned, granted extension
As if I deserved her protection