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The Prism

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on September 26, 2009 by 1writegirl

Why do you stay with me?
He asked
In a voice wracked with pain

You know why
She replied
Though she could have asked
That question herself
In the seductive shadow of sleep

She sometimes wonders
Why she stays
When he rarely seeks her out
And needs her even less

When he won’t let her cross
The threshold
To that place free of
Have-to’s and fears

But between the lines
Behind three little words
Is the answer to his question

The truth lies there, a prism
In colors of intricate depth

She stays

Because to be close to him
In any way he’ll let her
Brings her moments of

Simple, perfect peace
In a life of chaos and strife

Because he’s teaching her
What it means
To accept someone


For everything they are
And everything they are not

Because he won’t lie to her

Because she can make him laugh

Because it’s okay in his presence
To say not a single


Because she’s learning how
To trust
After having been betrayed

Because he tells her
She is one
Of only three people on earth
He can speak to
From brain to mouth

Which gives her courage
To reciprocate
To confide any thoughts she has

Even ones he might wish
She didn’t

Because in his arms
She understands freedom
And can’t imagine
Another man’s kiss

Because he’s hard

He makes her crazy
Yet he touches her
In places she needs to be touched
Where no one else can reach

Because with him
She’s a better person
Than she could ever be

Because he’s
Her best friend
And one of these days
He might look at her

And see that she is his

And then
She won’t need to ask him

Why do you stay with me?

Terra Firma

Posted in Prose with tags , , , , , , , , , on July 10, 2009 by 1writegirl

Another road calls my name in a
lover’s honeyed whisper
Come to me, don’t hesitate
You know you want it, baby…

So seductive, so sweet with promises
Promises never kept

In the past I’ve embarked
Time and again
Going everywhere and nowhere
At once

It seems I am one of those who
Failed to grow roots
Deficient in lineage corpus

But this time, I resist its pull
I put up a hand
And plant my feet

This time I will not run

I will not be fooled by sparkles embedded
By dashed lines and smooth hard black
By the rhythmic hypnotic hum
Toward endless, empty nowheres

This time I’ll stand still
I will take a deep breath
In slow, honest motion

In this place
I will hold my own,

My own terra firma.