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For Sylvia

Posted in Poetry with tags , , , , , , , , , , on August 4, 2009 by 1writegirl

I knew him first
Her by extension
It started with an email
A book for her to read

I cared about her
Because she was part of him

Then I was alone again
And she wrote to me
Telling me jokes
Funny stories about her life

Her loves
Her losses
Her escapades
Her finds

And in spite of our differences
In temperament
Life experience
Ways of thinking

I found myself enamored
Of her strength
And constancy

And suddenly she was
My friend

In her own right
For her own sake

For my own sake

When she died that night
The winds ceased to blow
The moon made a hasty retreat
The stars all hung their heads

Mourning in unison on our behalf
The injustice of fate absent

A conscience

Time stopped as I
Looked across the bed
And met the eyes of the


Closest in the
World to her

And felt her pass between us
Back and forth
Warm and soft
In death as in life

Farewell kisses and
Hushes, don’t you worry

Hovering like a bird
On the edge
Of another world

Then my heart stopped beating
For the time it takes to say
As I held her hand in mine
And felt immensely grateful
I’d been given the privilege

Of being there

To Sylvia’s flight